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Kill Mold & Remove Odors

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Baton Rouge: (225) 733-0223
New Orleans: (504) 677-1921

Mold and Odor Removal

Make your home or office a safe place

These days, more than ever, an odor-free environment is vital when it comes to taking the best care of your family, loved ones, or even your employees. Mold Zero USA makes this an easy task, utilizing a patented and eco-friendly technology that has been used for over 15 years and safely eliminates mold, fungi and odors. In just a few hours, the expert Mold Zero USA team can be in and out of your home or office, leaving a mold-free space that smells fresh and clean.

Learn about Our Patented dry fog treatment Process

As a trusted leader in creating safe indoor environments through mold remediation, veteran-owned Mold Zero USA goes the extra mile to safely kill and remove mold. Our dry fog process has been effectively used for more than 15 years. With our advanced dry fog technique, you can leave your home or office exactly how it is and not worry about removing papers, electronics, or furniture prior to our service.

Because our process is non-toxic and eco-friendly, you don’t have to worry about your loved ones, employees or pets having any chemical reactions once the procedure is done. After we’ve completed your service, you’ll be free from sometimes masked but potentially dangerous mold spores, and your home or office will smell fresh and clean.

You Deserve to Live in a Mold and Odor Free Environment!

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We serve clients from all of the following locations:

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Hear an actual Mold Zero USA Client Talk About Her Experience:

“Since we’ve moved back home,  all of our allergies are better, we don’t have the skin issues anymore, and I can breathe. I can not thank Mold Zero USA enough for that.”
                                                                   -Jamie Lopez, Home Owner

Patented Technology

Proven, Tested, Advanced Technology

Our patented dry fog technology sanitizes spaces by getting into every nook and cranny of your space and killing mold spores without damaging surroundings or leaving any traces behind.  Not only is it safe and effective for use in the home, it is also used in corporate offices, factories, vehicles, and it has stood up to stringent testing by the Army Corps of Engineers. At Mold Zero USA, our number-one focus is to help you create a mold-free environment to live and work in, so that you don’t have to worry.

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Safe and sound treatment process

As a family and veteran owned and run business, Mold Zero USA places a high value on the safety and health of our customers. Our dual dry fogging process uses a hospital grade sterilant that is completely non-toxic and is environmentally friendly. Nothing could make us more proud than to know that we’ve eliminated mold and offensive odors from our clients’ living and working spaces.

Little or No Demolition Required

Minimal disruption to your living and working spaces

When most people hear the words “mold removal,” they think of tearing down walls in order to expose and kill mold. Unlike traditional mold removal, however, Mold Zero USA is almost always able to find and destroy mold at its source with little or no demolition. In fact, you can leave your furniture, electronics, and even papers out and they won’t be harmed by our process. 

Treatment Process

First Phase

Our treatment begins with the use of our patented InstaPURE dry fog agent. We use this dry fog to fill up the entire space we’re working on, including every crack and crevice where mold spores could be lurking. InstaPURE removes the spores and leaves you with a mold and odor-free environment to live or work in.

Second Phase

Not only do we remove mold and offensive odors, we create a barrier that lessens the chances of your home growing mold in the future. Our EverPURE agent creates a protective barrier on the surfaces within your space. This barrier leaves no residue or smell, and it is not visible to the naked eye.

Hidden Mold in Structures

As a warm and humid environment, structures in Louisiana are prime spots for rapid mold growth, ranging from mild to black mold. Depending on the severity and type of mold, you may see signs of mold or notice a musty smell, but it’s important to know that mold often grows unnoticed. Common places where mold spores may be hidden are behind kitchen appliances, in air conditioning or heating systems, or anywhere that bathroom or plumbing leaks may exist. For a fraction of the cost that it would take to replace these systems later on, we will remove the mold from them and take preventive measures against future mold growth with our patented technology.

Recent Projects


Kirk G

Home Owner

Very Responsive – and confirmed every appointment with a text and email. Very helpful, has a great product, professional, and we didn’t have to leave our home! They helped us with a mold problem in our home that was in a difficult spot to fix – and they did it quickly. We would highly recommend them.

Tara H

Home Owner

What a wonderful service!!! A more affordable solution to killing mold and comes with a year warranty. Absolute professionals across the board. The customer service is great and they answer all of your questions and make sure you know what they are doing. I have a lot of nice things in my apartment so I am usually worried when workers come, but with this company I didn’t worry at all! They were truly so kind and helpful. 10/10 would recommend.

Mold Zero USA Team

Mold Zero USA is a veteran and family owned and run business, dedicated to helping create a safe and healthy environment 
for you, your loved ones, your family, and your employees.

Jim Woodworth

Jim Woodworth - CEO

Remediation License CMRC#83814


Dennis Saboe - Vice President

Remediation License CMRC#84817

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