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Mold Zero USA is a family and veteran owned and operated business in Baton Rouge, Louisiana. Our purpose is to make your home and office mold and odor free. With our training and extensive knowledge, we’re very aware of the dangers that hidden mold can pose to families and businesses, and we’re proud to help create healthier living and working spaces through our treatments. Our clients include homeowners, business owners, and managers of offices. Although we take our work very seriously, we’re not serious people and would love to meet you and give you an assessment of your space! Please feel free to reach out for a free on-site quote.

We Provide The Best Service In Industry


Mold Zero Team

Our team is passionate about helping home owners and businesses live and work in mold and odor-free environments. 

We have been licensed by the State of Louisiana to perform Mold Removal (Louisiana Contractor’s License Mold Remediation #350791).

Jim Woodworth

Jim Woodworth

CEO JimW@mold-zerousa.com


Dennis Saboe

Vice President Dennis@mold-zerousa.com

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